Jan Žižka


Jan Žižka (l. c. 1360 – 1424) was a Czech general and one of the most brilliant tacticians in military history. In the Hussite Wars (1419 to c. 1434), he was undefeated as the leader of the Hussites against the Catholic loyalists. Even completely blind toward the end of his life, he remained unvanquished and, today, is a Czech national hero.

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  • c. 1360 - 1424
    Life of Jan Zizka, undefeated general of the Hussite Wars.
  • 1410
    Jan Zizka is a mercenary serving in the Polish-Lithuanian forces at the Battle of Grunwald.
  • 1420
    Jan Zizka defeats superior force at the Battle of Sudomer.
  • 1420 - 1424
    Jan Zizka remains victorious in every engagement, even after becoming blind, up until his death in 1424.