Huns Timeline

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  • 91 CE
    First mention of Huns in Tacitus' works.
  • 370 CE
    Huns conquer Alans.
  • 372 CE
    Huns conquer the Ostrogoths.
  • 376 CE
    Huns force Goths under Fritigern into Rome.
  • c. 379 CE
    Hun invasion drives Goths under Athanaric to Caucalands.
  • 395 CE - 398 CE
    Huns invade Roman territories.
  • 406 CE
    Hun invasions force Vandals cross the Rhine into Gaul.
  • 408 CE
    Uldin of the Huns destroys Roman Thrace.
  • 430 CE
    Rugila leads the Huns.
  • 433 CE
    Rugila dies; Attila and Bleda begin co-rule of the Huns.
  • 439 CE
    Treaty of Margus between the Huns and Rome.
  • 441 CE
    Huns launch their Danube Offensive breaking Treaty of Margus.
  • 445 CE
    Bleda is killed; Attila is sole ruler of the Huns.
  • 445 CE - 453 CE
    Reign of Attila the Hun.
  • 450 CE
    India is invaded by the White Huns across the Hindu Kush.
  • 451 CE
    Aetius defeats Attila of the Huns at the Catalaunian Fields, together with Rome's allies.
  • 451 CE
    Hun invasion of Gaul; Battle of the Cataluanian Plains (Battle of Chalons).
  • 452 CE
    Huns invade Italy.
  • 453 CE
    Death of Attila the Hun.
  • 454 CE
    Huns decisively defeated at The Battle of Nedao.
  • 455 CE - 484 CE
    Reign of the Tegin Tunjina or Khingila of the White Huns in the region known as Gandhara.
  • 469 CE
    Fall of the Hun Empire.
  • 470 CE
    Beginning of White Hun Raids into India.