Gordium was the capital of ancient Phrygia, modern Yassihüyük. It is situated on the place where the ancient Royal road between Lydia and Assyria/Babylonia crosses the river Sangarius, which flows from central Anatolia to the Black Sea. Remains of the road are still visible. In the ninth century BCE, the city became the capital of the Phrygians, a Thracian tribe that had invaded and settled in Asia. They created a large kingdom that occupied the greater part of Turkey west of the river Halys.

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  • c. 1150 BCE
    Gordium is settled by Thracians.
  • c. 850 BCE
    Gordium becomes the capital of the Phrygians.
  • 696 BCE
    Gordium is sacked by the Cimmerians.
  • c. 600 BCE
    Gordium becomes part of Lydia.
  • c. 547 BCE
    Gordium becomes part of the Persian satrapy of Greater Phrygia.
  • 334 BCE
    Alexander the Great cuts the "Gordian Knot" in the city.
  • 189 BCE
    The citadel and lower town of Gordium are abandoned after the Roman conquest.