Gordian Emperors


When Maximinus Thrax was named Roman emperor upon the death of Alexander Severus, the news was not well-received by many in Rome and the Roman Senate considered him an illiterate barbarian. His financial excesses, principally used to fund his military expeditions in Germany, weighed heavily on the minds of many of the senators. An opportunity soon arose to free themselves of this unpopular emperor when Gordian I was proclaimed emperor by enraged noblemen in Carthage. Unfortunately, it would not be that easy a task to eliminate Maximinus.

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  • 159 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Gordian I.
  • 192 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Gordian II.
  • 225 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Gordian III.
  • 238 CE - 244 CE
    Reign of Gordian III in Rome.
  • 22 Mar 238 CE - 12 Apr 238 CE
    Reign of Gordian I and Gordian II in Rome.
  • 25 Feb 244 CE
    Death of Emperor Gordian III.