Ghost Dance


The Ghost Dance (Spirit Dance) is an expression of rebirth and renewal using the traditional Native American circle dance, first practiced by the Paiute Nation in 1869 and again in 1889 when it was adopted by other Plains Indians nations. US government agents' fear of the dance led to the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.

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  • 1869 - c. 1872
    Paiute Prophet Wodziwob preaches the vision of the Ghost Dance.
  • 1889
    The Ghost Dance movement gains adherents; Sitting Bull supports but does not participate.
  • 1889
    Paiute Prophet Wovoka starts to popularize the vision of the Ghost Dance.
  • 1889 - 1890
    Many Plains Indian nations embrace the Ghost Dance; US authorities interpret this as prelude to war.
  • c. 1890 - c. 1914
    The Ghost Dance continues to be practiced by Plains Indians Nations.
  • 15 Dec 1890
    Sitting Bull is killed while allegedly resisting arrest at Standing Rock Agency Reservation.
  • 29 Dec 1890
    Wounded Knee Massacre triggered by tensions surrounding The Ghost Dance.