Gaiseric Timeline

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  • c. 389 CE
    Gaiseric born near Lake Balaton (modern-day Hungary).
  • 406 CE - c. 420 CE
    Vandals cross the Rhine and invade Gaul, migrate to Spain.
  • 428 CE
    Gaiseric becomes King of the Vandals.
  • 428 CE - 478 CE
    Reign of Gaiseric as king of the Vandals.
  • 429 CE
    Gaiseric leads the Vandals from Spain to North Africa.
  • 439 CE
    Gaiseric captures Carthage and controls Mediterranean Sea.
  • 442 CE
    Treaty between Gaiseric of the Vandals and Valentinian III of Rome recognizing the Vandal Kingdom of North Africa.
  • 455 CE
    Assassination of Valentinian III; Gaiseric sacks Rome.
  • 461 CE
    Gaiseric defeats the Romans in pre-emptive strike.
  • 468 CE
    The Battle of Cape Bon; Gaiseric defeats the Romans.
  • 469 CE - 475 CE
    The Vandals under Gaiseric harass the Roman Empire.
  • 475 CE
    Emperor Zeno signs treaty with Gaiseric ending hostilities; Gaiseric's kingdom is secure.
  • 478 CE
    Death of Gaiseric at Carthage.