First Anglo-Afghan War Timeline

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  • 1838 - 1842
    The First Anglo-Afghan War between the Emirate of Afghanistan and the British East India Company.
  • Oct 1838
    The British East India Company issues the Simla Manifesto which outlines its reasons for invading Afghanistan.
  • Mar 1839
    The British East India Company army enters Afghanistan.
  • 25 Apr 1839
    Shah Shuja, the EIC-backed candidate, is crowned the new emir of Afghanistan.
  • Jul 1839
    The East India Company captures the Afghan fortress of Ghazni.
  • Nov 1841
    A mob in Kabul murders Alexander Burnes, an important political officer of the East India Company.
  • Dec 1841
    William Macnaughten, the EIC envoy to Kabul, is murdered by Akbar Khan.
  • 1 Jan 1842
    The British East India Company army in Kabul begins its disastrous withdrawal.
  • 11 Jan 1842
    The final members of the East India Company army that retreated from Kabul are wiped out.
  • Apr 1842
    Shah Shuja is assassinated.
  • Sep 1842
    Major-General George Pollock leads a British East India Company that retakes Kabul but then withdraws.
  • 1843
    Dost Mohammad is restored to power in Afghanistan.