Fayum Timeline

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  • c. 7200 BCE
    First human habitation of the Faiyum.
  • c. 5200 BCE
    First agricultural community established in the Faiyum.
  • c. 2613 BCE - 2181 BCE
    The Faiyum becomes the preferred hunting grounds for kings and nobles during the Old Kingdom of Egypt.
  • 2040 BCE - 1782 BCE
    The Faiyum reaches peak prosperity during the time of the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt.
  • c. 1782 BCE - c. 1570 BCE
    The Faiyum declines during the Second Intermediate Period of ancient Egypt.
  • c. 1570 BCE - c. 1069 BCE
    No new monuments erected in the Faiyum during the period of Egypt's New Kingdom.
  • c. 1069 BCE - c. 332 BCE
    The Faiyum declines during Egypt's Third Intermediate and Late periods.
  • 323 BCE - 30 BCE
    The Faiyum experiences a revival under the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
  • 27 BCE - 14 CE
    The Faiyum is restored during the reign of Augustus Caesar.
  • c. 200 CE
    The Faiyum in decline and decimated by plague.
  • c. 646 CE
    The Faiyum serves as seat of resistance to Arab Invasion but continues to decline in population and productivity.