Estado da India


The Estado da India (1505-1961) was the name the Portuguese gave to that part of their empire which stretched from India to East Asia. However, in its widest sense, the name includes all Portuguese colonies east of the Cape of Good Hope and so, at its height in the 16th century, the Estado da India stretched from Africa to Japan.

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  • 1505 - 1961
    The Estado da India is in existence, that part of the Portuguese Empire from East Africa to Japan.
  • 1505
    The Portuguese begin to attack cities and build forts along the Swahili Coast in order to control trade.
  • 1510 - 1961
    Goa on the west coast of india is a Portuguese colony.
  • 1510
    Afonso de Albuquerque conquers Goa in India for Portugal.
  • 1511
    Afonso de Albuquerque captures Malacca in Malaysia for Portugal.
  • 1511 - 1641
    Malacca in Malaysia is a Portuguese colony.
  • 1515
    Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf is colonized by the Portuguese.
  • 1518
    The Portuguese establish a fort at Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • 1519 - 1522
    Ferdinand Magellan's expedition circumnavigates the globe for the first time.
  • 1519
    The Portuguese establish a fort at Kollam in India.
  • 1521
    The Portuguese establish a fort at Chaul in India.
  • 1530
    Portuguese Goa replaces Cochin as the capital of the Estado da India.
  • 1533
    A papal bull establishes the archdiocese of the Estado da India.
  • 1543
    Three Portuguese mariners accidentally land in Japan, the first Europeans to do so.
  • 1546
    The Portuguese establish a formidable fortress on Mozambique Island.
  • c. 1557
    The Chinese Ming Dynasty grants the Portuguese a trading base of their own at Macao.
  • 1571 - 1639
    The Portuguese control the port of Nagasaki in Japan.
  • c. 1571
    The Japanese daimyo Omura Sumitada grants the Portuguese control of Nagasaki.
  • 1596
    The Dutch arrive in Southeast Asia and challenge the Portuguese and their empire.
  • 1604
    A Council of State is established at Portuguese Goa.
  • 1622
    The Persians, with English assistance, take control of Hormuz from the Portuguese.
  • c. 1633
    The Portuguese conquer the southern African kingdom of Mutapa.
  • Dec 1637 - Apr 1638
    The Shimabara Rebellion in Japan, which the shogunate blames on Christians, leading to an expulsion of all Europeans.
  • 1638 - 1644
    Dutch forces attempt to blockade Portuguese Goa.
  • 1640 - 1668
    Spain is at war with Portugal.
  • 1641
    The Dutch attack and take over Portuguese Malacca.
  • 1656
    The Dutch attack and take over Portuguese Colombo.
  • 1663
    The Dutch attack and take over Portuguese Cochin.
  • 1799 - 1815
    Portuguese Goa is occupied by the British during the Napoleonic Wars.
  • 1961
    Portuguese Goa is invaded by the Indian military.
  • 1999
    Portuguese Macao is handed over to China.