Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Timeline

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  • 685 - 762
    Life of Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of China.
  • 712 - 756
    Reign of Xuanzong, 7th emperor of the Tang Dynasty in China.
  • c. 737
    Chinese emperor Xuanzong appoints Li Longji as chancellor; Li Longji betrays the emperor's trust.
  • 741
    Chinese Emperor Xuanzong falls in love with Lady Yang. Begins promoting Yang family to important posts.
  • 755
    General An Lushan rebels against Tang Dynasty abuses in China.
  • 755
    Lady Yang and her family executed by Xuanzong's generals for abuses of power in China.
  • 756
    Chinese emperor Xuanzong abdicates in favor of his son Suzong.
  • 762
    Death of Chinese emperor Xuanzong.
  • 806
    Tragic love affair of Xuanzong and Lady Yang immortalized in Chinese poem "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" by Bai Juyi.