Early Dynastic Period (Mesopotamia) Timeline

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  • 4500 BCE
    First walled cities. Uruk in Mesopotamia first city.
  • c. 2900 BCE
    Probable date of the regional Great Flood when the river Euphrates rose.
  • 2750 BCE
    Secular rulers replace priests.
  • c. 2750 BCE
    The city of Tyre is founded.
  • 2700 BCE
    Hatti people establish trade with the city of Sumer.
  • c. 2600 BCE
    Uruk ruled by Gilgamesh for 126 years according to the Sumerian King List.
  • c. 2600 BCE
    The Myth of Etana written.
  • c. 2500 BCE
    Beginning of literature in Sumerian.
  • 2400 BCE
    First use of war chariots in Mesopotamia.
  • 2350 BCE
    First code of laws by Urukagina, king of Lagash.
  • c. 2330 BCE
    Sargon of Akkad sacks Ur.
  • c. 2300 BCE
    The Eridu Genesis - The Sumerian Flood Story - is composed.