Dvin Timeline

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  • c. 330 CE - c. 338 CE
    Armenian king Khosrov III founds the city of Dvin.
  • 506 CE
    First Council of Dvin establishes that the Armenian Church did not recognize the Fourth Ecumenical Council.
  • c. 554 CE
    The Council of Dvin declares the Armenian Church's adherence to the doctrine of monophysitism.
  • 623 CE
    The Byzantine emperor Heraclius attacks the Armenian capital of Dvin.
  • Oct 640 CE
    A Muslim Arab force attacks and captures the Armenian capital of Dvin.
  • 642 CE
    Byzantine emperor Constans II attacks the Armenian capital of Dvin.
  • 789 CE
    Partav replaces Dvin as the capital of Armenia.
  • 892 CE
    A huge earthquake destroys much of Dvin, the Armenian capital.
  • 1236 CE
    Dvin, the former capital of Armenia, is destroyed during the Mongol invasion and definitively abandoned.