Despotate of Epirus


The Despotate of Epirus was one of the successor states of the Byzantine Empire when it disintegrated following the Fourth Crusade's capture of Constantinople in 1204 CE. It was originally the most successful of those successor states, coming close to recapturing Constantinople, but after 1230 CE, it was geographically limited to Epirus itself and occasionally the neighboring territories of Thessaly and the Ionian islands. For the next two centuries, Epirus mostly maintained its independence, although it had to navigate being at the end of the Byzantine and Italian spheres of influence. Finally, in 1479 CE, the last territories of the Despotate of Epirus were conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

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  • 1205 - 1215
    Reign of Michael I Komnenos Doukas in Epirus.
  • 1205 - 1479
    Despotate of Epirus.
  • 1215 - 1230
    Reign of Theodore I Komnenos Doukas in Epirus.
  • 1217
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas of Epirus captures Peter of Courtenay, the Latin Emperor.
  • 1224
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas of Epirus recaptures Thessalonica from the Latins.
  • 1227
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas crowned the Emperor of Thessalonica in Ohrid.
  • 1230 - 1241
    Reign of Manuel Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica (1230-1237 CE) and Thessaly (1230-1241 CE).
  • 1230 - c. 1267
    Reign of Michael II Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1230
    Battle of Klokotnitsa, in which the Bulgarian army under Tsar Ivan Asen II defeated Theodore Komennos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1237 - 1244
    Reign of John Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica.
  • 1242
    The Empire of Thessalonica is forced to submit as a despotate to the Empire of Nicaea.
  • 1244 - 1246
    Reign of Demetrios Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica.
  • 1246
    The Empire of Nicaea conquers Thessalonica.
  • 1257
    Manfred of Sicily invades the Despotate of Epirus and conquers Durazzo, Corfu, Valona, Kanina, and Berat.
  • 1259
    Battle of Pelagonia: Byzantine forces defeat the combined armies of the Principality of Achaea and Manfred of Sicily. Epirote forces withdraw before the battle.
  • 1264
    Peace treaty between the Byzantine Empire and the Despotate of Epirus.
  • c. 1267 - 1297
    Reign of Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1297 - 1318
    Reign of Thomas Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1318
    Thomas Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus, is murdered by his nephew, Count Nicholas Orsini of Cephalonia.
  • 1318 - 1323
    Reign of Nicholas Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1318
    The city of Ioannina joins the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1323 - 1335
    Reign of John II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1325
    John II Orsini, Despot of Epirus, is dethroned as Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1333
    Brief occupation of land in Thessaly by the Despotate of Epirus.
  • 1335 - 1340
    Reign of Nikephoros II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1338
    Anna, widow of John II Orsini, signs over the Despotate of Epirus to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1340
    Byzantine forces defeat the Epirote rebels under Nikephoros II Orsini, reincorporating the territory into the Byzantine Empire.
  • c. 1348
    Serbian forces under Stefan Dusan conquer Epirus.
  • 1356 - 1359
    Second reign of Nikephoros II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1359 - 1367
    Reign of Symeon Uros over Ioannina.
  • 1367 - 1384
    Reign of Thomas Preljubovic in Ioannina.
  • 1385 - 1411
    Reign of Esau Buondelmonti in Ioannina.
  • 1399
    Esau Buondelmonti, Despot of Ioannina, is captured by Albanians.
  • 1400 - 1408
    Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia, conquers Akarnania and Aitolia from the Albanians.
  • 1411
    Carlo I Tocco is proclaimed the lord of Ioannina.
  • 1412
    Battle of Kranea: Albanian forces defeat Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1415
    Manuel II Palaiologos grants the title of despot of Epirus to Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1416
    Carlo I Tocco conquers the city of Arta, reuniting the Despotate of Epirus.
  • 1421 - 1426
    Carlo I Tocco, Despot of Epirus, attempts to conquer the Principality of Achaea, but is defeated by Byzantine forces.
  • 1429 - 1448
    Reign of Carlo II Tocco in Epirus.
  • 1430
    Ioannina surrenders to the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1448 - 1479
    Reign of Leonardo III Tocco in Epirus.
  • 1449
    Arta is conquered by the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1479
    The Ottoman Empire conquers the remaining territory of the Despotate of Epirus: Vonitsa, Cephalonia, Ithaka, Zante, and Lefkada.