Cyrus the Great Timeline

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  • 553 BCE
    Cyrus the Great successfully rebels against the Medes and establishes the Achaemenid Empire of Persia.
  • 550 BCE
    Cyrus the Great defeats Astyages of the Medes and decides to found Pasargadae at the site of the battle.
  • c. 546 BCE
    Cyrus the Great begins construction of Pasargadae.
  • 544 BCE
    Foundation of Cyropolis on the Iaxartes river.
  • c. 539 BCE
    Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon; the Fertile Crescent is controlled by the Achaemenid Empire (The First Persian Empire).
  • 530 BCE
    Cyrus II killed by the Massagetae of Tomyris' army near the Iaxartes.
  • 400 BCE
    Remains of Cyrus the Younger's Persian army arrive in Trapezus.