Constantine VII


Constantine VII was Byzantine emperor from 945 until 959 CE. Sometimes known as Constantine Porphyrogennetos because of his birth in the purple chamber of the royal palace, he was served by various regents from 912 CE until reigning in his own right after a 33-year wait. Known for his prolific writing and as a sponsor of literature and the arts, the emperor's reign was a successful one and included notable victories against the Arabs in Mesopotamia.

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  • 906
    Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII is born.
  • 912
    Byzantine emperor Constantine VII inherits the throne but is served by four consecutive regents.
  • 945 - 959
    Reign of Byzantine emperor Constantine VII (ruled with a regent from 912 CE).
  • 955
    The future Nikephoros II Phokas becomes the head Byzantine military commander, replacing his father Bardas.
  • 9 Nov 959
    Byzantine emperor Constantine VII dies of natural causes.