Catherine the Great


Catherine II of Russia (Catherine the Great) was empress regent of Russia from 1762-1796. She was born in Prussia to Prince Christian August of Anhalt-Zerbst (1690-1747) and Princess Johanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp (1712-1760), and although her family was noble, they were not wealthy. She married the future Russian Tsar, Peter of Holstein-Gottorp (1728-1762), in 1745 in St. Petersburg.

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  • 2 May 1729
    Catherine the Great is born in Stettin, Prussia (modern-day Szczecin, Poland).
  • 3 Feb 1744
    Catherine the Great arrives at the Winter Palace in Russia.
  • 28 Jun 1744
    Catherine the Great becomes a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • 29 Jun 1744
    Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia are formally betrothed.
  • 21 Aug 1745
    The marriage of Catherine the Great and Peter III of Russia.
  • 1762 - 1796
    Catherine the Great's reign as empress regent of Russia.
  • 5 Jan 1762
    Peter III of Russia is crowned and Catherine the Great becomes empress consort.
  • 28 Jun 1762
    Catherine the Great overthrows Peter III of Russia and is proclaimed Russian empress by the Russian Imperial Army.
  • 22 Sep 1762
    Catherine is formally crowned Empress Catherine II of Russia.
  • 1768 - 1774
    First Russo-Turkish War.
  • 1773 - 1774
    Denis Diderot spends five months advising Catherine the Great.
  • 1773
    Catherine the Great establishes the Toleration of Faiths Edict, which allows Muslims to practice their faith.
  • 1773 - 1775
    Pugachev's Rebellion, the largest peasant rebellion in Russia's history.
  • 1780
    Catherine the Great establishes the League of Armed Neutrality seeking to protect shipments during the American Revolution.
  • 1782
    Catherine the Great introduces the Charter of the Towns Act, which recognises the Jewish people as being equal to those belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • 1787 - 1792
    Second Russo-Turkish War.
  • 1788 - 1790
    Russia and Sweden go to war.
  • 1791
    Russia and Prussia sign a truce.
  • 1791
    The May Constitution is established, a more democratic monarchy is established in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • 1792
    Catherine the Great attempts to start trade relations with Japan and fails.
  • 1796
    Russia and Persia go to war. Catherine the Great dies before the conflict ends.
  • 17 Nov 1796
    Catherine the Great dies at the age of 67 from a suspected stroke.