Attila the Hun Timeline

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  • 433 CE
    Death of Rugila, King of the Huns, who is succeeded by Attila and his brother Bleda.
  • 434 CE - 453 CE
    Reign of Attila the Hun.
  • 439 CE
    Attila and Bleda broker the Treaty of Margus with the Romans.
  • 441 CE - 442 CE
    Attila and Bleda invade the Eastern Roman Empire, breaking the Treaty of Margus.
  • 445 CE
    Bleda is assassinated and Attila becomes sole ruler of the Huns.
  • 446 CE - 447 CE
    Attila's invasion of the Balkans.
  • 451 CE
    Attila's invasion of Gaul.
  • 451 CE
    Battle of the Cataluanian Plains (also known as the Battle of Chalons)where Attila's invasion is halted.
  • 452 CE
    Attila's invasion of Italy.
  • 453 CE
    Death of Attila the Hun.
  • 469 CE
    Attila's empire falls apart after the inept rule by his sons.