Aspasia of Miletus

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Aspasia of Miletus (l. c. 470-410/400 BCE) is best known as the consort of the great Athenian statesman Pericles. Her life story has always been given in the shadow of Pericles' fame, but she was a woman of great eloquence and intelligence in her own right who influenced many of the writers, thinkers, and statesmen of her time.

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  • c. 470 BCE - c. 400 BCE
    Life of Aspasia of Miletus.
  • c. 450 BCE
    Aspasia meets the statesman Pericles of Athens.
  • c. 445 BCE
    Aspasia is the near-constant companion of Pericles.
  • c. 428 BCE
    Aspasia is involved with statesman Lysicles following Pericles' death; after Lysicles' death, Aspasia vanishes from history.