Argula von Grumbach Timeline

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  • 1490 - c. 1564
    Life of Argula von Grumbach, theologian, writer, and reformer.
  • c. 1500
    Argula von Grumbach is given a Bible in German by her father at 10 years old, which she begins to study.
  • 1509
    Argula von Grumbach's parents die of the plague, and she is adopted by her uncle.
  • c. 1516
    Argula von Grumbach becomes a lady-in-waiting at the court of Duchess Kunigunde of Bavaria.
  • 1516
    Argula von Grumbach's uncle is executed for political intrigue.
  • c. 1520 - c. 1522
    Argula von Grumbach converts to the Reformation's vision of Christianity.
  • 1523
    Argula von Grumbach writes and publishes her famous To the University of Ingolstadt letter.
  • 1523 - 1524
    Argula von Grumbach writes and publishes the eight letters she is famous for.
  • 1530
    Argula von Grumbach meets Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon.
  • 1530
    Argula von Grumbach's first husband, Friederich, dies.
  • 1533
    Argula von Grumbach marries Baron von Schlick who supports her Reformation efforts.
  • 1535
    Argula von Grumbach's second husband dies.
  • c. 1535 - c. 1564
    Argula von Grumbach continues to advocate for the Protestant Reformation until her death.