Anne Hutchinson Timeline

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  • 1591 - 1643
    Life of Anne Hutchinson, religious reformer and advocate for religious freedom.
  • 1612
    Anne Marbury marries William Hutchinson in London; the couple move back to their hometown of Alford.
  • 1612
    William and Anne Hutchinson become devotees of the Puritan preacher John Cotton.
  • 1634
    William and Anne Hutchinson, with their children, follow John Cotton to Massachusetts Bay Colony in North America.
  • 1636 - 1638
    Anne Hutchinson is the primary voice of the Antinomian Controversy, defending her belief in the supremacy of God's Grace in salvation against Puritan authorities.
  • 1638
    Anne Hutchinson banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony; founds Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
  • 1642
    Anne Hutchinson and seven of her children migrate to New Netherlands and establish a homestead.
  • 1643
    Anne Hutchinson and six of her children murdered in Native American attack on their homestead.