Ancient Ireland Timeline

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  • c. 7000 BCE - 6500 BCE
    First human beings appear in Ireland.
  • c. 4200 BCE - c. 2200 BCE
    Construction of the Great Megaliths of Ireland.
  • c. 4000 BCE
    Transition in Ireland from hunter-gatherer to agrarian society.
  • c. 3200 BCE
    The megalithic monument Newgrange is built in County Meath, Ireland.
  • c. 2700 BCE
    The Giant's Ring Henge constructed in Ireland.
  • c. 2500 BCE
    Knowledge of metal working evident in Ireland.
  • c. 2500 BCE
    Immigration of the Beaker People to Ireland.
  • c. 2200 BCE
    The wheel in use in Ireland.
  • c. 500 BCE - c. 300 BCE
    The arrival of the Celts in Ireland.
  • c. 227 CE - c. 266 CE
    Life of Cormac MacArt, High King of Ireland, known as The Lawgiver in creating the Brehon Codes.
  • c. 350 CE - c. 950 CE
    Estimated use of the Ogham in Ireland and southwestern England.
  • c. 400 CE - c. 450 CE
    Christian Missionaries arrive in Ireland, literacy spreads.
  • c. 432 CE
    St. Patrick comes to Ireland, lights fire announcing Christianity on Hill of Slane.
  • 795 CE
    First recorded Viking invasion of Ireland.
  • 795 CE - 1014 CE
    The Viking Age in Ireland.
  • 1014 CE
    The Battle of Clontarf between Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and the Vikings with Irish allies.