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Ancient Celtic Sculpture Timeline

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  • c. 600 BCE
    The Hirschlanden Warrior, a sandstone representation of a Celtic Warrior from Ludwigsburg, Germany, is made.
  • c. 600 BCE
    The Strettweg Cult Wagon, a miniature bronze Celtic wagon, is made.
  • c. 500 BCE
    The Celtic Pfalzfeld Pillar, a stone four-sided column showing human heads, is made.
  • 450 BCE - 400 BCE
    The 'Prince of Glauberg', a sandstone statue of a Celtic warrior, is made.
  • c. 200 BCE
    The Celtic sandstone Mšecké Žehrovice Head is made.
  • c. 200 BCE
    The ‘Tarasque de Noves’, a Celtic limestone statue of a dog eating a human, is made.
  • c. 100 BCE
    The bronze figure known as the 'God of Bouray', likely a representation of the Celtic Cernunnos, is made.
  • c. 100 BCE
    The granite Turoe Stone from Celtic Galway is made.
  • 50 BCE - 100 CE
    The Stanwick Horse Mask, a bronze decorative mask from Celtic Britain, is made.

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