Alexander Selkirk


Alexander Selkirk (or Selcraig, 1676-1721) was a Scotsman famously marooned for four years and four months on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean until his rescue by a passing British ship in February 1709. His story inspired the title character of the acclaimed 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (c. 1660-1731).

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  • 1676
    Alexander Selkirk is born in Scotland.
  • 1703
    Alexander Selkirk joins the privateering expedition of William Dampier bound for the Pacific.
  • Oct 1704
    Alexander Selkirk is marooned on the Juan Fernández Islands.
  • Feb 1709
    Alexander Selkirk is rescued from the Juan Fernández Islands by Woodes Rogers during his privateering circumnavigation.
  • Oct 1711
    Alexander Selkirk returns to Britain after an eight-year absence.
  • 1721
    Alexander Selkirk dies at sea of tropical fever.