Adad Nirari I


Adad Nirari I (r. 1307-1275 BCE) was the king of the Assyrian Empire who initiated the first major expansion of the Assyrian kingdom from the city of Ashur throughout the region of Mesopotamia. He also instituted what would become standard Assyrian procedure: relocating large segments of the population in conquered regions. Adad Nirari I ruled during the period known to modern-day scholars as the Middle Empire and expanded the borders significantly. He is best known as the king who conquered the Mitanni and established the Assyrian Empire as a national entity equal to the other great powers in the region.

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  • 1353 BCE - 1318 BCE
    Reign of Ashur-Uballit I who conquers the Hittites and expands Assyria's territory.
  • c. 1318 BCE - 1307 BCE
    Period of stagnation for the empire.
  • 1307 BCE - 1275 BCE
    Reign of Adad Nirari I, King of Assyria.
  • 1307 BCE
    Adad Nirari I comes to the throne and revitalizes the empire. Begins military campaigns.
  • 1274 BCE
    Shalmaneser I takes the throne following Adad Nirari I's death.