Plagues in History: Activity for Online Teaching


Marion Wadowski
published on 27 March 2020
Download this teaching resource:

This activity has been designed to fit a 30-45-minute slot for your class.

It can be used by any teacher and educator and is suitable for online teaching.

Included in this pack:

  • Vocabulary exercise
  • Text comprehension questions
  • Compare and contrast ancient and medieval plagues to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Optional project to create an awareness and prevention guide.

A video on Plagues and Pandemics in the Ancient and Medieval World is also available.

Citizens of Tournai Bury Their Dead
Citizens of Tournai Bury Their Dead
Pierart dou Tielt (Public Domain)

We hope it will help your students grasp the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation and better understand their civic responsibilities in response to it.

Download this teaching resource:

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