Ishtar Gate Lion

3D Image

Geoffrey Marchal
published on 05 December 2016

The lion of Goddess Ishtar, Nye Carlsberg Glyptotek (Copenhagen, Denmark). Made with Memento Beta (now ReMake) from AutoDesk.

1-3 The Ishtar Gate in Babylon Nebuchadnezzar (604-562 BCE), the King of Babylon, started a series of ambitious building projects including the richly decorated IBabel. The facades of the Ishtar Gate were decorated with reliefs in glazed tile, representing a dragon, Marduk’s emblem, and a bull symbolising the weather god Adad. The processional route away from the city was decorated with lions, the animals of Ishtar, goddess of love and war, They were to guard against advancing enemies, as is indicated by the name of the gateway: Ishtar conquers its enemy.

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