Funerary Stele of Aristomache

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Geoffrey Marchal
published on 04 October 2019

Funerary stele of Aristomache, 4th BCE. This stele bears on the pediment the inscription "Aristomaché daughter of Syros". The young woman seems to have died before marriage, otherwise her husband's name would be given rather than her father's name. She is represented sitting, wearing a tunic and a coat covering her head. She shakes the hand of a bearded man in a cloak. In the background stands another woman. The gesture of shaking hands (dexiosis) has a strong meaning in the Greek world, affirming the links between people, often members of the same family, at the time of a difficult separation. This gesture strongly evokes familial ties.

Attic production, marble. Museum of Art History (Musée du Cinquantenaire), Brussels, Belgium. Made with ReMake and Recap pro from AutoDesk.

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