Ragnar Lothbrok & Kráka

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Emma Groeneveld
by AU Library, Campus Emdrup
published on 28 August 2018

Artist's depiction of the legendary Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok meeting his would-be-second-wife Aslaug, who at this point in the story is still known as Kráka ('crow'). The legends describe how Aslaug was orphaned and raised by a poor Norwegian family, who named her Kráka, and later 'discovered' by the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok as he happened upon their farm. Hearing of her beauty, he set her a riddle: she is to come to him neither clothed nor unclothed, neither full nor hungry, and not alone but without anyone accompanying her. As the image above shows, Kráka shows up having eaten only an onion, wrapped in a fishing net covered by her hair, and with a dog by her side, thus passing Ragnar's test with flying colours. They are then married.

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