Homotherium Skull

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Emma Groeneveld
published on 09 January 2018
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Cast of the skull of a scimitar-toothed cat (genus Homotherium) which appeared across Africa, Eurasia and the Americas during the Pliocene (c. 5 million - c. 2,6 million years ago) and the Pleistocene (c. 2,6 million- c. 12,000 years ago) epochs, surviving into the Late Pleistocene in Eurasia and the Americas where they would have coincided with Homo sapiens and other hominins. The particular skull this cast was made from was found in Texas, USA. The cast resides at the Texas Memorial Museum and Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory of the Texas Natural Science Center at the University of Texas in Austin, although it was on loan at the Australian Museum in Sydney when this picture was taken in December 2017.

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Emma Groeneveld
Emma Groeneveld studied History & Ancient History, focusing on topics such as Herodotus and the juicy politics of ancient courts. Since the conclusion of her studies in 2015, she has been spending more and more time on her obsession with prehistory.

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