Hand from A Roman Sculptor's Model

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Liana Miate
published on 29 August 2017
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A hand from a sculptor's model. Found in Baiae (Italy). 1st century CE. Museo dei Campo Flegrei, (National Maritime Museum, Sydney Australia).

Marble copies of Greek masterpieces were in high demand to decorate villas, gardens and public buildings. Plaster casts of the original statues were used to make the copies. This fragment of a cast was found with around 400 others in Baiae, refuse from a workshop that was producing statues for clients around the Bay of Naples and Rome.

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Liana Miate
Liana is the Social Media Editor for Ancient History Encyclopedia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in ancient Greece, Rome & Late Antiquity. She is particularly passionate about Rome and Greece, and anything to do with mythology or women.

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