Château de Beaugency


Babeth Étiève-Cartwright
by Jeremie Bellot
published on 22 March 2024
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Château de Beaugency, Loiret, France. Originally built during the medieval period, it was a seigneurial residence that first belonged to the Lords of Beaugency, then to the kings of France and the Dukes of Orléans until the French Revolution of 1789. Home to Jean de Dunois (1402-1468), known as the Bastard of Orléans and comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc (c. 1412-1431), the château witnessed some important events in French history: historical figures such as Louis XI of France (r. 1461-1483), Francis I of France (r. 1515-1547), and Joan of Arc all passed through its main doorway, known as the Porte St Georges. Once the home of the Princes of Dunois, it is now a private residence and digital art centre since 2021.

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