Fortifications Walls of Sinope


Carole Raddato
published on 12 December 2023
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The north fortification walls of Sinope, known today as Sinop Castle (Turkish: Sinop Kalesi), located in the city of Sinop on the northernmost edge of the Turkish side of the Black Sea coast. Sinope was the earliest Greek colony founded on the Pontic coast by migrants from Miletus in the 8th century BCE west of the mouth of the Halys River. It was built as a walled town with a vast citadel, and a strong wall defended its seaside. The city became the most flourishing Greek settlement on the Euxine Sea (Black Sea) and was the birthplace of Mithridates VI (born c. 132 BCE) and the Cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope (l. c. 404-323 BCE).

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