A Beach in Chalcidice

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Athanasios Fountoukis
published on 03 June 2022
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A springlike coastal landscape in Chalcidice, Greece. Chalcidice was the birthplace of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He was widely credited with founding the field of philosophy. His work has had a pervasive impact on human knowledge over the past two thousand years. Aristotle's beliefs were well-received in the east, where Muslim scholars drew inspiration from his works. His writings in ethics, physics, metaphysics, political philosophy, and natural science continue to be consulted as a source of philosophical guidance today.

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About the Author

Athanasios Fountoukis
A historian, who acquired a BA degree in History and Ethnology in Greece, and an MA degree in Ancient History in the Netherlands. He is fascinated by the ancient history of maritime and nomadic cultures.

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