The Second Punic War (218 - 201 BCE)

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Simeon Netchev
published on 31 May 2022

A map illustrating the outbreak and course of the Second Punic War, a series of prolonged military conflicts between the Carthaginian (Punic) empire and the Roman Republic for domination over the western Mediterranean. Began in 218 BCE with Hannibal crossing the River Ebro (after laying siege to Saguntum, a long-term Rome ally) on his historic march across the Alps, the war was fought on two continents, from Iberia (Spain) and North Africa to the Adriatic and the Aegean seas, and ended with the Roman general Scipio Africanus landing in Carthage and defeating Hannibal at the Battle of Zama in 202 BCE.

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About the Author

Simeon Netchev
Simeon is a freelance visual designer with a deep interest in the human side of history. He believes that every image should be an interaction, a commentary, and a narrative, and every map should lead on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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