Temple of Amada, Egypt


Carole Raddato
published on 13 March 2022
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The Temple of Amada is the oldest temple ever found in Nubia. It is located at the site of New Amada, an archaeological complex containing three ancient Nubian monuments spared from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. The monument is a small sandstone temple built during the co-regency of Thutmose III (r. 1458-1425 BCE) and Amenhotep II (1427-1401 BCE), with later additions by Thutmose IV (r. c. 1401–1391 BCE) and restorations by several kings of the Nineteenth Dynasty (1292-1189 BCE). Its exterior looks unimposing, but the innermost section of the temple has very fine reliefs and several important historical inscriptions.

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