Viking Oval Brooch


Irina-Maria Manea
published on 09 February 2022
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Gilt copper alloy oval brooch is composed of two pieces dating from the 10th century and found in Norrtälje, Sweden.

The British Museum, London.

The first piece is an upper shell with cast animal interlace decoration and four bird head bosses. The second part is a separate base with a decorative frieze of six panels, each contains Jellinge Style profile animals motif. Its back has impressions of cloth used in the casting process. The pin is missing. The brooch bears traces of antique repairs.

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Irina-Maria Manea
A curious and open mind, fascinated by the past. Historian with a keen interest in Norse myth and the Viking Age, as well as history teacher and language instructor. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, now residing in Hesse, Germany.

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