Assassination of Kléber


Youssef Raslan
by Antoine-Jean Gros
published on 22 March 2021
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A painting that depicts the assassination of the French General Jean-Baptiste Kléber (1753–1800 CE) during the French campaign in Egypt by Soleyman El-Halaby, an Egyptian student. It is believed that, on June 14, 1800 CE, El-Halabi approached Kléber as a beggar seeking an audience with the French general. When Kléber extended his hand for El-Halabi to kiss in return for some money, El-Halabi stabbed him in the heart, stomach, and left arm before running away, but he was soon caught and tortured to death. Kléber's body was repatriated to France. It was painted by the French painter Antoine-Jean Gros (1771–1835 CE). Collection of Strasbourg Historical Museum.

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