Baalbek Stones


Carole Raddato
published on 13 February 2021
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The so-called Stone of the Pregnant Woman at the ancient quarry near Baalbek in Lebanon is one of the largest stone building blocks ever carved by human hands. It is 20.76 m (68.1 ft) long, 4 m (13.1 ft) wide, 4.32 m (14.1 ft) high and weighs an estimated 1,000 tons. An even larger stone, still partly buried and weighing an estimated 1,650 tons, lies next to it. The stone blocks were presumably intended for the nearby gigantic Jupiter Temple.

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Carole Raddato
Carole maintains the popular ancient history photo-blog Following Hadrian, where she travels the world in the footsteps of emperor Hadrian.

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