Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris), West Façade


Hillary Smith
published on 04 December 2020
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Like most Gothic cathedrals, the west façade of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris is tri-portaled, meaning it has three entranceways. Above each door is an elaborately carved tympanum depicting a story through sculpture, an accessible medium for a largely illiterate medieval populace. The Portal of the Last Judgement is in the center, with the Portal of the Virgin on the left, and the Portal of Saint Anne on the right. The west rose window, another important feature of the Gothic cathedral, is visible above the central portal.

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Hillary Smith
Hillary Smith holds master's degrees in Art History (University College Dublin) and Public Policy (UCLA). Interested in the nexus of art and policy, she is a believer in the soft power potential of cultural heritage to transform and connect our world.


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