Wars of the Roses - York vs. Lancaster

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Simeon Netchev
published on 07 February 2020
Wars of the Roses - York vs. Lancaster Download Full Size Image

An infographic illustrating the genealogy of the prominent participants in the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars that engulfed England during the late 15th century. The conflict raged between two rival branches of the royal Plantagenet dynasty: the House of York (white heraldic rose) and the House of Lancaster (red heraldic rose).

The protracted struggle for control of the English throne lasted for over three decades (1455 - 1487,) and was marked by a complex web of personal ambitions, political intrigue, shifting allegiances, and bloody battles. These dynastic disputes were rooted in longstanding grievances and questions of rightful succession, ultimately culminating in victory for Henry Tudor ending the Wars and establishing the Tudor dynasty on the English throne.

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Simeon Netchev
Simeon is a freelance visual designer with a deep interest in the human side of history. He believes that every image should be an interaction, a commentary, and a narrative, and every map should lead on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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