Great Military Commanders from Antiquity


Mark Cartwright
published on 05 December 2018

In antiquity, certain military commanders were so formidable on the battlefield that they were responsible for the rise and fall of civilizations. Epaminondas saw off mighty Sparta and almost single-handedly gave Greek Thebes its one and only golden era, Alexander the Great carved out an empire that stretched all the way to India, and Julius Caesar's domination of the Mediterranean was only brought to a halt by an assassin's knife. There have been many great commanders, and the debate will never end as to who was best of all, but this collection of resources examines a few of the prime candidates as well as such lesser-known but equally influential figures as Gaozu, who founded the Tang Dynasty, perhaps China's greatest, and Jang Bogo, who might sound like a Star Wars character but remains a hero of Korean history for his daring maritime raids which earned him the title of 'King of the Yellow Sea' in the 9th century CE.

When the general regards his troops as young children, they will advance into the deepest valleys with him. When he regards the troops as his beloved children, they will be willing to die with him.

Sun-Tzu, The Art of War



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