The House of Tudor


Mark Cartwright
published on 05 November 2020

The House of Tudor ruled England from 1485 to 1603 CE. The period is seen as a Golden Age of English history when strong-willed monarchs made lasting contributions to the nation's history, strutted around in flamboyant clothes and gave endless material for historians and fiction writers ever-after. The period had its darker side with the closure of monasteries, episodes of popular unrest, a drawn-out war with Spain, and an endless round of bloody intrigues, murders and executions.

The Tudor monarchs were:

Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554 CE) was briefly declared queen by her supporters following the premature death of Edward VI in July 1553 CE but she was never crowned.

In this collection of resources we look at all of these rulers in detail, as well as such figures as Henry VIII's six wives, Elizabeth I's great rival north of the border Mary, Queen of Scots, and the founder of the Tudor dynasty, the Welsh noble Owen Tudor.



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