Dylan Campbell

Dylan Campbell


His passion for religious influences on ancient human ideology has sparked his interest in modern religious practices in reference to our human ancestors. He is fluent in French and is learning ASL. As for ancient languages, he is proficient in Latin, Classical Greek, Linear B, and dabbles in Middle Egyptian. Dylan is fascinated by the Ancient Bronze Age Aegean world. His research primarily focuses on Minoan iconography and the religiosity of Crete and neighboring islands.

He has been an editor and peer-reviewer for academic books and journals, assisted in translations, and contributed to these mediums as well. His time within publishing has been beneficial to his development and he enjoys the process. He currently assists AHE regarding image copyright with photographers and museums. He also hopes to provide more writing contributions in the future.

BA: History, Ancient Mediterranean Studies 2012-2015 - University of Nebraska at Omaha
MA: Classical Mediterranean Studies 2015-2017 - University of Leicester
MS: Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2020-2022 Univeristy of Nebraska at Omaha

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