Dustin Murray

Dustin Murray


After several years of viewing history as a set of cold, distant, and inconsequential facts, Dustin's professors at the University of Montevallo opened his eyes to the warmth, relevance, depth, and joy of historical studies. After graduating with his Associate's degree in Psychology, Bachelor's degree in History, and Master's degree in Secondary Education, he has spent the past 15 years teaching courses in Ancient World History, Civics, Geography, and World Religions.

Witnessing students forge connections within the intricately woven mosaic of world history, Dustin's passion for leading students through the tragedies and triumphs, causes and effects, innovative peaks, and heartbreaking valleys of our robust content fueled a desire to aid other social science teachers in their journey as well.

The study of history offers our students a gateway for immersion into deeper, broader, and brighter critical thinking. Carefully examining the individuals, events, and cultures of the past as facets of a diamond (amidst a diverse bed of precious diamonds)– each within their own unique contexts– constructs a priceless bridge between the heart and mind that fosters a lifelong love of learning. Simply put, history matters.

As the husband of an amazing pre-K teacher and father of five, through recent illness, Dustin is learning to intentionally treasure each day as a gift and opportunty to grow in compassion and wisdom. Carpe diem!