Jenni Irving

Jenni Irving


Jenni is an ancient history enthusiast and academic who specialises in Ancient Greek history, philology, the history of medicine and procrastination. She also contributes her skills to archaeological digs in numerous places around the world, primarily including the UK, Australia and Greece. This year she is continuing her PhD concerning irrational and feminine based healing traditions in ancient Greece and Anatolia, traveling to Europe to continue research, networking and undertaking more archaeology.

Prior to starting her PhD she received a Bachelor of Ancient History with Honours, Certificates in Advanced Ancient Language studies of Classical Greek, Koine Greek, Hieroglyphs, Linear B, Greek Inscriptions and Papyri, and she now teaches Classicaland Koine Greek to new generations of students. She has collaborated with Macquarie University, Sydney University, The University of the Highlands and Islands, The Ohio State University and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln among others.

Apart for a love of history and archaeology, Graecomuse is an avid sci fi enthusiast, dog lover and artist.

You can also check out Jenni's blog on Ancient History and Archaeology: