Dimah Mahmoud



Dimah Mahmoud Dimah Mahmoud is a humanist, activist, and passionate change-maker. Her extensive interdisciplinary expertise in research, cross cultural communication, political analysis and project management are reflected in the diverse conferences she organizes as well as the initiatives and collaborations she spearheads through her strategic research consultancy established in 2014.

Her work contributes to advancing sustainable socio-economic and political development in Africa and the Middle East. She consulted for the League of Arab States, UN Women Arabia, El Karama, Arab America Foundation, Massimedia, FUTOUR and more recently for EURAXESS North America and The Antiquities Coalition. In addition to her consulting, she has co-founded The Nubia Initiative (TNI), a transboundary organization aimed at leveraging art, academia and technology to protect, preserve and promote Nubia’s endangered heritage and languages. This is how she was introduced to Ancient History Encycleopedia and immediately worked towards joining forces in the furthering our reach and scope in cultural heritage preservation. Her latest personal passion project is the Joint European Mentoring Initiative (JEMI) of which she is a cofounding director leveraging her extensive program and content management expertise to develop a more comprehensive support platform for mobile researchers. In 2019, she moved from Washington DC to her father’s village, Kabaaga. the Northern State in Sudan. She is working with her family and national, regional and international networks on designing and executing entirely community-lead human-centered initiatives aimed at socio-economic self-sustainability. Dr. Mahmoud completed her MA and PhD at the University of Exeter, UK on Middle East Policy Studies and Sudanese Foreign Policy and International Legitimacy respectively. She obtained her BA in Political Science from Towson University in the USA.