Arienne King

Arienne King


Arienne King has engaged in writing, public outreach and historical consulting since 2017. Her work appears in publications such as Ancient History Magazine and Ancient World Magazine. Arienne's writing typically focuses on ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, although she also covers other history related topics.

She is a panelist and occasional moderator on the public history platform AskHistorians, which has over 2 million subscribers. On AskHistorians, she typically fields questions from the public related to Cleopatra, historical accuracy in games and movies, and daily life in the ancient world.

Arienne has been a historical consultant on projects like the comedy-drama “Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later” and the web documentary series “Invicta” in partnership with Ubisoft. Her work has also been featured on channels like Les Revues Du Monde.

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