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April Lynn Downey I specialized in the ancient Near East for graduate school, but my interests in history and religion span the globe and all time periods. Of particular interest to me is comparative mythology, symbolism, and demonology. I offer research, writing, and historical consultation services in the areas of history and religion, as well as computer aided design and Photoshop services.

In addition to publishing on The Ancient History Encyclopedia, my book Images of America: Manheim was published February 2021. It is about the history of my hometown of Manheim and includes over 200 historical photos. I also have book reviews published on Reading Religion. The website linked below is called Journal of Tales and it is where I post articles about history, religion, and world cultures.

Traveling is one of my favorite things in life. Additionally, in my free time, I spend a lot of time outdoors and take photos of plants, flowers, architecture, and unique things I find.

MA Ancient Biblical Civilizations, Towson University
BA Religion, American Public University

Instagram: april_lynn_downey and JournalOfTales

Portfolio: www.behance.net/aprildowney


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