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  • c. 100 CE - c. 700 CE
    Elder Futhark runic script in use by Germanic-speaking peoples.
  • c. 160 CE
    Vimose Comb - earliest attested proper runic inscription, reading "harja".
  • c. 500 CE - c. 1000 CE
    Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (also Anglo-Frisian Futhorc) runic script in use, in England and Frisia.
  • c. 700 CE - c. 1200 CE
    Younger Futhark runic script in use (in Scandinavia).
  • c. 790 CE - c. 1100 CE
    The Viking Age.
  • c. 1200 CE
    Medieval Futhork runic script fully formed. It gradually developed from Younger Futhark between the late 10th century CE and c. 1200 CE.