Persepolis Timeline

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  • 518 BCE
    Darius I The Great begins construction of the city of Persepolis.
  • c. 515 BCE
    Darius I moves the capital of Persia from Pasargadae to Persepolis.
  • 515 BCE
    Completion of the Palace of Darius and the Grand Stairway at Persepolis.
  • c. 478 BCE
    Xerxes I builds the Gate of All Nations, the Hall of 100 Columns and the grand Palace of Xerxes.
  • c. 336 BCE
    Artaxerxes III builds the Hall of 32 Columns, the Palace of Artaxerxes and the Unfinished Gate.
  • May 330 BCE
    Persepolis is burned and looted by Alexander the Great.